In 1998, CEDEFOP set up the European forum on transparency of vocational qualifications, bringing together representatives from member countries of the European Union and European Economic Area. The underlying objective of this initiative was to develop instruments to promote the transparency and recognition of the vocational qualifications of citizens so as to facilitate mobility in the European labour market.

The forum led to the creation of:


The certificate supplement contains a detailed description of the competences acquired by the holder of a vocational certificate. It is drawn up by the awarding authorities and provides detailed information on:

  • the skills and competences acquired;
  • the range of occupations accessible to the holder of the certificate;
  • the name and legal status of the awarding and accreditation bodies;
  • the level of the certificate;
  • the different ways of acquiring the certificate;
  • the entry requirements and opportunities for access to next level education.

You can access some of the Europass Certificates Supplements related to the levels of the National Qualification Framework, only available, at the moment, in the portuguese version.

You can also see the format of the Europass Certificate Supplement, in the english language.

The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by the authorities that awards the original vocational certificate.

For additional information visit the EUROPASS website.